Divorce made simpler

Interactive software helps you make financial decisions and generates your court documents, which are reviewed by a lawyer. We send someone to you to sign and file your documents at court. Get divorced without leaving home.

We are Canada's only complete online divorce solution

Gone are the days of tense meetings, stacks of forms, and trips to the courthouse. With Undo, you answer questions and make decisions through our easy-to-use web tool and we handle the rest.

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Complete forms and make financial decisions

We walk you through simple questions about your divorce and the financial decisions that you will have to make. From there, we generate your official divorce application that normally would be filled out by hand.

A lawyer reviews your documents

One of our lawyers reviews your application to make sure it complies with the laws of your province. We let you know if we find any issues and help you fix them.


We send a Commissioner to sign the papers

A Commissioner for Oaths meets you at home or wherever you feel comfortable. They sign your application and take it to the courthouse to be filed.

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Why we're better than lawyers, paralegals and document preparation websites

Do it all from home

Don't stand in line at the courthouse for 45 minutes just to find out you missed something. Complete the entire process from home.

We make it right

If for some reason your documents aren't filed, we refund our fees for the hassle. We continue working with you until they are filed—for no additional charge.

Avoid miscalculations

Our web tool helps you divide property and debts and ensures that spousal and child support payments are correctly calculated.

Let us sweat the small stuff

We create all of the documents you need and fill in all the easy-to-miss details.

Submit accurate documents

Our lawyers make sure your documents are compliant with your province's divorce laws.

We come to you

No need to find a Commissioner for Oaths to swear your affidavit. We send one your way at a time that works for you.

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